• How will I know when its time to leave?
    Really the time to leave is when you want to and/ or when the symptoms that brought you into therapy have abated, most therapists will be happy to talk to you about this. However there are times in therapy when the going gets tough. It’s a natural response to want to flee uncomfortable insights or fear of uncomfortable insights, experience shows though that these are usually the most productive times so it’s important to discuss with the therapist whether you have a genuine sense of completion or you are concerned about the turn the therapy is taking. The exception to this is when as a client you feel you cannot talk about something. The therapy room is the one place where you need to be free to talk about anything. That’s what you pay for. In fact, a major part of therapy is to help you talk about difficult subjects. So if you have some discomfort or difficulty with your therapist, the best way forward is to talk about it until you reach some form of resolution and understanding. Of course, you have to make that effort, but if you do and you get no satisfying response, it might be time to find another therapist.

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