• What qualifies someone to be a psychotherapist or counsellor?
    Over the next few years it is likely that the government will legislate for the mandatory registration of psychotherapists and counsellors (see UKCP page). Until then anyone can set themselves up as a psychotherapist or counsellor without having any appropriate training or having undergone any long term personal therapy. So until that legislation comes into being I would advise anyone to check the credentials of the therapist they choose to see and check to see if they are members of a regulating body such as UKCP or BACP. As the law stands today anyone registering with a professional body must do so voluntarily but these organisations do work very hard to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism amongst their registered therapists.
    Most professional psychotherapy training will take at least three to four years and will lead to a post graduate qualification. It’s also a good idea to check if the therapist is having ongoing supervision for client work as this is a requirement expected by registering bodies.

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